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Gibraltar combines strategic consulting services and extensive technical expertise to provide comprehensive investment property solutions. We'll devise the perfect solution for any real estate investment need. We do this by offering a full array of commercial real estate services ranging from brokerage, property management, partnership investment opportunities, real estate development, asset management and consulting.

Property Management:

Many of our professional services ultimately lead to property management. With roughly half of our property management portfolio consisting of properties we own, our management philosophy is different from a traditional one-dimensional property manager. We operate our entire portfolio of properties as if they are our own, focusing on the same exacting standards and operational details.

Our on-going manager training program is the most complete in the industry and is the key to our exceptional track record of retaining some of the best on-site property managers in the business. We rarely have turnover in our personnel, which allows us to provide a consistent, professional and proactive approach to professional property management.

Brokerage and Commercial Leasing:

We have been involved in over a half a billion dollars of commercial transactions of investment properties in Washington State with an emphasis on the greater Seattle and Tri-Cities regions. We have outperformed our competition by offering uncompromised financial and analytical expertise and by managing the brokerage process efficiently. And we didn’t do it alone.

We accomplished it by building a solid foundation over time, emphasizing the formation of continuing relationships with our clients. Through our constant interaction and relationship building with third party service providers such as bankers, appraisers and inspectors, as well as our extensive market knowledge, we increase the likelihood of a sale or lease getting to the closing table. We also have accomplished our continued success in this market arena by forming lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with other brokers.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, lessee or lessor, Gibraltar will guide you step-by-diligent-step through the brokerage process, calling upon our close network of industry professionals and associates to effortlessly guide a given transaction to a successful closing. At Gibraltar, we will provide you with the highest level of research, analysis and logistical coordination. It is this dedication that increases the likelihood of an easier transaction for our clients and the culmination of the ultimate goal, closing the sale.


Our strategic consulting and financial services include the procurement and placement of financing, feasibility, development, leasing, construction and rehabilitation oversight, tax planning, risk analysis, and 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange coordination. Our long-term involvement in all phases of investment property operations has given us the unique insight to implement the best methodology for a given situation with the clear goal of strategic asset growth and preservation.

Whether it’s the coordination of a three-way exchange, recommendations for the best use of a given property, the analysis of increased value and expected costs from a possible re-development, or the best method of liquidating an asset, Gibraltar can provide you with the solution that best fits your needs.

Most importantly, we know that every situation is unique. As the needs of our clients grow and change, you can believe that our services will grow and change too.

GMC was founded on the principle that excellence at an affordable price is paramount and always puts the client first, and in all that we do, you will find evidence of this core belief.

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  • Wallingford
  • Seattle
  • Fremont
  • Ballard
  • Belltown
  • Capitol Hill
  • Queen Anne
  • University District

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